Out of great compassion for the suffering & misery sentient beings in the Dharma Semblance Age & Dharma-ending Age, Manjusri Bodhisattva request Buddha to preach the《Bhaisajya-guru-vaidūrya-prabha-rāja Sūtra》. If sentient beings practice after hearing of Medicine Buddha’s holy name without harboring doubts with firm self-cultivation, they will certainly not to be fallen into the three lower realms in the future.

With great pleasure, Amitabha Malaysia has kindly invited the renowned Mahayana Venerable Shi Zhen Yao accompanied by other monks to address the grand puja of Medicine Buddha & 12 powerful Yaksa generals in the Great Assembly praying for the stability of nation, eliminating those natural disasters and calamities and to bring peace, prosperity and good luck to all participants in the forthcoming Year of the Dog 2018.

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The 19th day of the 9th month of Lunar calendar is Guanyin’s Birthday. Putuo Village will hold assembly【3 steps 1 bow Pilgrimage “Guanyin’s Birthday Celebration”】on 4th & 7th November 2017. Series of wonderful activities will continue till night time and You are welcome to enjoy this peaceful event!

Devotees are welcome to pray sincerely in Putuo Village with your beloved family and friends. Buddhist believe that praying, chanting and life liberation can accumulate spiritual merits during this special festival.

On that day, we also provide delicious vegan meal and complimentary blessing gifts for devotees.

Bring your family and loved ones to Putuo Village to participate “3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage.

May you join this meaningful and auspicious Guanyin event in Putuo Village together! For more info, please dial 07-2389303, thank you!

You and your friends and family are cordially invited to Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.

The most wonderful event is coming soon! How can you miss this exciting event?

The preparations of Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration are on a roll. This is the very first night event will be held in Putuo Village, event activities including lucky draw, floating lanterns, God of Marriage Matchmaking etc. And we have a “supermoon” waiting for you to check in with.

Nine days long event is waiting for you, don’t forget to join us!
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2017•Vesak Day Celebration

Many thanks to all devotees’ support to succeed this Vesak Day Celebration!

Let’s throwback some of the precious moment we shared together.

For those who never visited before, are always welcome to Putuo Village during your leisure time.

【2017 THE GREAT MERIT-SHARING Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly】

Date : 24/08/2017 – 27/08/2017(Thurs. – Sun.)
Time : 8am – 5pm
Venue : Putuo Village, Kulai
Tel: 07-238 0448

Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly is a continuity of Mahayana Buddhist tradition that helps to dedicate merits to the deceased and bring blessings to the living by liberate the souls of ancient ancestors, aborted/miscarried babies, karmic creditors and others.

By participating in this supreme dharma assembly, the amount of merit arising from this is definitely inconceivable and boundless, shall be blessed with long life, a strong, healthy and good-looking body, wealth and reputation; this merit is going to benefit not only oneself, but also one’s immediate and extended family.

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Join us to donate blood together~ Nature Concept TCM Healthcare providing free TCM consultation service on the spot, and also gifting complimentary BaZhen package for public.

We collect recyclables on that day too! Bring your waste and recycle to help!

Share this news with your beloved friends & families~ Donate blood, donate love together to save precious lives!

The 19th day of the sixth lunar month(农历六月十九) is widely known as Guanyin’s Birthday.

Putuo Village will be holding assembly【3 steps 1 bow Pilgrimage 】from 9th to 12th July 2017 in relation to Guanyin Birthday Celebration.

Devotees are welcome to come and pray in Putuo Village with your beloved family and friends. Buddhist believe that by way of praying, chanting and lives liberation can help accumulate spiritual merits during this special festival.

Master will conduct the ceremony of 3 steps 1 bow pilgrimage on 9th and 12th July.

Throughout the four days program, we also provide delicious vegetarian meal and complimentary blessing gifts for devotees.

Bring your family and loved ones to Putuo Village to participate “3 steps 1 bow” Guanyin Birthday Pilgrimage.

Vesak day is a great day of Buddhism. Besides on commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and nirvana of buddha, it also approaching the kindness of buddha and refreshing your mind through bathing buddha.

You and your beloved family are sincerely invited to visit Putuo Village during Vesak Day, on 10th May 2017, enjoying happiness and blissfulness with us.

Likewise, there’re also some activities such as admiring buddha relics, 3 steps 1 bow pilgrimage, chanting, light up blessing lamp, almsgiving, set free animals, have a vegetarian meal and etc.

If you wish to know more information about Vesak Day Celebrations, please call 07-238 9303, or stay tuned to our Fan page.


2017•Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly

4 days long Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly had perfectly drawn a conclusion. And it’s very gratifying that chanting ten thousand times Cundhi Mantra leading by Master Zhenyao had accomplished. Thanks for the participation of every devotee.

Additionally, The Welcoming Ceremony of The Great Tripitaka (Da Zang Jing) and inviting the Great Tripitaka sutra depository which conducted by Master Zhenyao also completed smoothly.

Now let’s share the photos of activities with you, hope you will like it and promote Putuo Village with your friends and family!