2017•Vesak Day Celebration

Many thanks to all devotees’ support to succeed this Vesak Day Celebration!

Let’s throwback some of the precious moment we shared together.

For those who never visited before, are always welcome to Putuo Village during your leisure time.

2017•Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly

4 days long Cundhi Guanyin Meditation Assembly had perfectly drawn a conclusion. And it’s very gratifying that chanting ten thousand times Cundhi Mantra leading by Master Zhenyao had accomplished. Thanks for the participation of every devotee.

Additionally, The Welcoming Ceremony of The Great Tripitaka (Da Zang Jing) and inviting the Great Tripitaka sutra depository which conducted by Master Zhenyao also completed smoothly.

Now let’s share the photos of activities with you, hope you will like it and promote Putuo Village with your friends and family!


2017•Prosperous Rooster Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year Celebrations had perfectly ended in laughter. Heartfelt thanks for every devotees’ support. We hope you and your beloved family bring back full of positive energy.

Now, let us share with you some photos during the spring festival in Putuo Village, hope you will like it!
Putuo Village is opened for public as usual from 8.30am to 5pm.Comparing with the lively atmosphere during Chinese New Year, Putuo Village is more tranquil and serene.

You’re welcome to visit Putuo Village with your beloved family and friends during the weekend! See you there!

















2017•Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Dharmapala Dharma Assembly

In the end of the year, our annual event Bhaisajye Buddha Twelve Dharmapala Dharma Assembly had successfully completed. Amitabha Malaysia prays to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and hopes that peace, safety, joy and health be upon you, me and all living beings.

Master Zhenyao also personally handsel gifts to every devotee to let them bring the New Year’s blessings home.

Here to share you with our assembly’s momories, hope you will glad to see this.
You are very welcome to take part in our future activities.


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The Shrine Ground Breaking Ceremony of Grand Cundhi Statue

【The Shrine Ground Breaking Ceremony of Grand Cundhi Statue】had been perfectly concluded at Putuo Village!Thanks a lot for your participation and support.

Here to share with you photos of Ground Breaking Ceremony, hope you will love it.

If you wish to find out more information about construction of Grand Cundhi Statue, you are welcome to call 07-2389303 or stay tuned to our fan page.

If you wish to sponsor Grand Cundhi Statue construction fund, please click here:  http://amitabhamalaysia.org/en/index.php/donation/


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The Emperor Liangsu Dharma Assembly 2016

Many thanks to all devotees’ participation in 4 days “The Emperor Liangsu Dharma Assembly 2016”, may the Blessings of the Triple Gem always be with you.

Let’s share the moments here and looking forward to your next participation!

Thanksgiving. Amitabha!

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Amitabha Malaysia KL Office Relocation Notice

Amitabha Malaysia KL Office is moving to Amitabha Old Folks Home with effect from 20th July 2016, the telephone number remains unchanged. Integration of nursing home and admin office helps to improve management, thus achieve costing, resources and time saving.

Interested to organize caring visit or making contribution? Feel free to call 03-7981 1320 or email enquiry@amitabhamalaysia.org for further information, thank you for your continuous support!

Amitabha Malaysia KL Office New Address
A14 & A15, Jalan Rukun 7, Happy Garden, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama 58200 KL
Tel: +603-7981 1320
Email: enquiry@amitabhamalaysia.org

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