Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something »


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; They just have the heart  »


Your used belongings are a treasure for someone! »

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【 The Shrine Groundbreaking Ceremony of Grand Cundhi Statue】

You are cordially invited to 【The Shrine Groundbreaking Ceremony of Grand Cundhi Statue】 at Putuo Village! RSVP: Many thanks to your continuous support to Putuo Village! A majestic 18ft Cundhi Guanyin »

【Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels Ceremony】

Date: 25-9-2016 (Sunday) Time:8.30am – 1.00pm Venue: Putuo Village, Kulai "Buddha, the fully enlightened teacher; Dharma, the truth taught by him; Sangha, the community of his noble disciples." "Taking refuge in the Buddha, we learn to »

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“There cannot be anything more satisfying than contributing my time knowing someone else depends on it.”

Through volunteering for the lesser privileged, discover the lesser things in our everyday life becoming significant to the underprivileged. By donating your effort and time, you are actually improving their lives and what happiness can be more fulfilling then to give happiness. Take time off for volunteer work. Sufferings cannot wait for convenient….


Mega tons of renewable rubbish is being dispose of every day, if you can take a moment to separate them and contact us for collection you are actually turning rag to riches, trash to treasures! These unsightly trash may be just trash to you, but to the hundreds of children and old folks we support, they means lunch. Recycling is our main source of income for running our charity work, so next time you had something to throw please takea moment, it may be recycled and helps our charity works!….

The left behind

img-left-behindOrphans, abandoned old folks, the sick, underprivileged families and student, these people may be alien to you in these modern days but day in day out these are the people that are being left behind, some by the families some by the society. Amitabha Centre was set up to give these people a second chance, we are set up to give them hope and that they may rejoin the society as a contributing force. We need your loving and kindness to give us strength, one at a time we can do great things to change all these and give happiness. With you we can